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Ancestor Money - Chinese joss paper/U.S.Dollar - Strengthen Connection with Your Ancestor!


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  • Packing: 3 bundles, a bundle of 80 sheets. Each sheet measures about : 6.14x 3inch. 
  • Material: ancestor money made of 70 double adhesive paper, smooth on both sides, are colorful and good quality. Size: 6.1×3 inch (72×155 mm). Burn paper money to your ancestors, and you can take better care of your ancestors!
  • Chinese joss paper/U.S. Dollar used as a sacrifice of ancestors , prays for prosperity and good luck. It is also a way of expressing affection and sustenance for loved ones.
  • A large bundle of 160 sheets, good sheets of paper, full combustion.Very easy to burn completely. Sometimes ashes and smoke fly slowly, which means that your ancestor responded to you and he received your blessings and prayers.
  • Chinese joss paper ancestor money used in important festivals such as ancestral funeral, ancestral birthday, Qingming Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Halloween, and the Hungry Ghost Festival.
  • Printed to resemble the U.S. Dollar, each sheet is decorated with an image of the George Washington. The denomination of ancestor money is 1000$.



Product description:

Material: 70 double adhesive paper.

Size: 6.1×3 inch (72×155 mm).

Chinese joss paper strengthens the connection with your ancestor, your ancestors can use these money to live better. Ancestors will bless you and your family health, peace, wealthy and happiness!

Traditional Chinese joss paper ancestor money is divided into two types, one is used to worship gods, and the second is used to worship ancestors and ghosts. The relatives hoped that the deceased could lead a happy life in the underworld, and then burned the joss paper or other paper offerings to them. Others believe that burning paper money can bribe ghosts and gods in hell and reduce the punishment of the dead in hell

Note: Ancestor money are printed by high-quality offset plates, so it will smell a little when burning. Please burn them in vents or outdoors


Honor and Family Traditions.
The Chinese use joss paper to send family members money and material goods in the afterlife.

It's common to see joss paper used at funerals, on ancestor birthdays and during important holidays like the Qingming Festival , Spring Festival, Lunar October 1th and the Hungry Ghost Festival(Lunar July 15th).

The most traditional types of joss paper are bamboo paper squares decorated with foil, spirit money designed to resemble legal tender currency and crafts in the shapes of common household items like shoes, clothing and jewelry.

The Chinese believe that a joss paper offering is conveyed into the spirit world. In today's modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to pay respect for one's elders and departed family members.

Used this to send money to your Ancestor so she has a better life with all the ancestors. It's a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors, in return, they take care of us. It is natural for people to look out for others that have their best interest. Bring your good luck.

All Ancestor Money is personally blessed and has extra energy! Also, stored in altar space for even more power! We have literally shipped these dollars around the world.

Please note:
Paper money is not a legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value.

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